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Inspiring success stories

This job is very open to culture and freedom of expression. I love it however working a 12 hour shift with a 30 minute break isn't the most ideal type of job for me. But you able to earn a lot of money in one working day.
Anum Bashir, massagiste
I am a makeup master so I do makeup on clients home! It's a great, quiet environment and it is very easy to work around my school schedule. I love the people that I work with and everyone is so nice.
Basma Labead, visagiste
There is always something to be doing, or learning! I learn something new just about everyday. Support team is friendly and works with you, friendly environment. You get really close with the people you work with, and want to see everyone achieve there goal.
Nilo Haq, make-up artist
I love this job because I'm meeting numerous of different people, also I love a challenge. I choose orders located closer to home, because of my living arrangements.
Mai Al Moayyed, nail artist
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